R - SKYPAK replacement units for Skymark Skypak and Fedder's VertiPak

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R - Skypak packaged thru-the-wall gas & electric skymark skypak REPLACEMent

R-SKYPAK replacement for Original Skymark Skypak and Fedder's VertiPak

R - SKYPAK replaces Skymark Skypak & Fedder's VertiPak

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Insuite HVAC Group manufactures R-SKYPAK as a drop in replacement for obsolete Skypak SGAC, SEAG, RGAD, READ, SGAE, and SEAE original Skymark and Fedder's products. R-SKYPAK upgrades your air conditioning and heating system as a Retrofit unit designed to replace old inefficient Skymark Skypak through-the-wall units installed in residential low and high rise applications. Stop wasting energy & money repairing old outdated inefficient systems. Insuite HVAC Group can offer a 10 year maintenance, parts and labour warranty saving you money now and down time in the future.R-SKYPAK increases efficiencies of at least 15% on gas and electricity using ECM motor technology. Available in natural gas, electric heating, or hot water heating. Gas input ratings of 20,000 to 80,000 BTUH with Efficiencies over 95% (AFUE) modulating from 40 to 100%. Cooling capacity ranges from 12,000 to 30,000 BTUH custom tailored to meet your in suite needs.